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Introduction of Wise Build

Founded in 2005,Wise build set up its new manufacturing plant in QingYuan City,GuangDong,Focusing on production of basic aluminum extrusion profile and then expand to rolling products as well for both domestic and abroad market. Base on years of communication and study,we develop abundant know-how about different regions,especially in South America coutries,middle east and Africa.In 2010,too meet the increasing demand for fabricated windows and doors,Wise build set up its own factory and local brand to develope into a professional designer and manufacturer of various aluminum and glass systems.Through consistent management from development,manufacturing to marketing,hundreds of big and small projects adopted our products and service with positive appraisement and honorable reputation;Besides,a unique franchising mechanism of aluminum fabricated systems is recognized in both local China and aboard,making wise build not only a supplier of qualified commodities but a energetic brand to cooperate and form a long term partnership.

Wise Build brand

The product development cycle supports wise build to respond rapidly enough to the customer demandsor any market changes by supplying the appropriate and first-rate products.We highly focus on how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness for each purchase,constantly endeavor to enhance our product quality and pursue originality in our designs.

Factory and production

Work shop



Franchisee system in both China and abroad

Wise build group is a pioneer to develop Franchise Chain Store Mode in both China and abroad, We are the leading company which introduced and carry out chain store mode in aluminum windows and doors market in China. The Franchise License is authorized and filed by Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

Our rewards include:

1、ISO9001 Quality System Certification, 

2、China CQC Environmental Friendly Products, 

3、Top 10 Guangdong Aluminum Windows and Doors Brand 

4、Top 500 Company of Chinese Pan Housing Material, 

5、Trustable Company for Continue Seven Years, 

6、Drafting Company for Service Standard in Aluminum Windows and Doors 

7、Installation Certificate by China Ministry of Housing and Construction

So be work with wise build,you will deal with not only a big name,but a realiable partner!

Training System

One of the most distinctive and outstanding achievement is “The Entrepreneur course”. It has been held successfully for more than forty times to train our franchisees to become more professional both theoretically and practically in the aluminum window and door industry.Our team vow to be generous enough offering help and support to all the franchisees,from how to make a good window,to how to run a successful window business.

Extended service in the realm of construction material

Base on the rich production and marketing experience in aluminum window and door business,Wise build win a firm trust and approval from many other factories who would like to form a union for better service to both local and abroad customers。Besides,wise build would also take over the shares of some counterparts in related sections such as the insect screen factory,accessary factory and aluminum furniture factory.

So work with Wise build,you will not only be satisfied with the window and door,but get a easy job with all the related construction materials.

Be a member of wise build,You will get 5A

1,A well-known high-end brand in China with more than 10 years experience and innovative training system 

2,A complete and unique product line to match diverse needs from the market 

3,A practical chain-store system offering great support to develop in a new market 

4,A mechanism to output not only products but the experience of how to run a window and door factory 

5,A union of professional suppliers offering consistent concept for products and service.