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    Publish time 2019-06-10 15:50    
Aluminum finish treatment
One of the reason why aluminum is so popular in various industrial,especially in construction sector,not only that it have stable and flexible mechanical peformance but also because it has mature and always improved surface finishing choices.

Wise build offers a range of colors,finishes and textures from its modern anodizing and powder coating lines.Wooden finish in different texture and gloss,is highly recommended for aluminum window and door to form a warm and elegant quality.

Aluminum Fabrication
With the investment in state-of-art CNC machining technology to further add value to the aluminum supply solutions for customers,wise build offers the ability to provide semi-finished aluminum extrusions into ready for further assembly,help to reduce your inventory,workspace time and most important,the cost,in one stop.

CNC machine is suited to rigid profiles that can be clamped without movement.Semi-fabrication service for extruded products include: